Why You NEED A Website For Your Small Business In 2019

Why You NEED A Website For Your Small Business In 2019

Nowadays, everyone uses the internet for everything. Whether it be connecting with their friends on social media, watching informational videos on YouTube, or purchasing items from websites. Whether it be a big or small part of a person’s day, everyone uses the internet. In this post, CloudMedia will outline various reasons as to why you need a website for your small business in 2019

Why Small Businesses Do Not Have A Website

Why Small Businesses Do Not Have Websites

It is almost impossible to think of a scenario where not having a website could actually be beneficial to a business. Even if a business has a simple informational website, it is better than not having a website at all. With that being said, CloudMedia has noticed that not all business owners want and/or have a website for their business. We will do our best to cover some of the reasons.

“We Do Fine Without Having A Website”

This is a pretty common statement that CloudMedia gets from potential clients. The client’s business does well in their local town through nothing but word-of-mouth. These types of businesses are the ones that could benefit from having a website the most.


It is simple. If a small business has been doing very well in a local town without any advertising, that is because the business does something right. The sole purpose of every business is to solve a problem. If a business is so good at solving a problem that people come to them without any extra advertising, that means that the business does a fantastic job at solving said problem.

So, if a business is so good at solving a problem, why do they actually need a website?

This is why. As mentioned above, the business already has a killer plan that has been working without advertising. If digital marketing is added to a business that already does well, then said business is in a position to do very, very well with advertising. Since these types of businesses already have a positive reputation, an online presence will only help the business grow more. There is almost no risk involved when setting up a digital presence. When people already know a business rocks, they will have no issue participating in any activities that business is offering online. In fact, this will only build the relationship between a customer and a business.

Adding on to that, when an already established business starts building up an online audience, there is a lot of room for the business to expand. For example, let’s say you started a restaurant in your local hometown. In 6 short months, everyone in the town loves going to your restaurant because the food is amazing, the service is impeccable, and the mood setting is perfect. If you started growing your business online in an area where you would like to open a new location, you could eventually do-so in a fashion that wouldn’t surprise people in the new location. If you keep the same food, service, and setting, it is highly likely that your new location will do well. When the new location does well, that only adds more of a positive reputation to your business. Then, after a little more time, you could open another location. After you have so many locations opened, you could possibly even start franchising your business. CloudMedia can promise that digital marketing would play a huge part in getting your business from one location to 10 locations.

“A Website Is Too Expensive”

This is probably the most common objection, and rightfully so. Websites can be very expensive in many different aspects! However, this is not how you should look at a website as a business owner who wants to grow a business.

Look at a website as an investment.

Look, as a digital marketing agency who has built a lot of different websites, CloudMedia agrees that websites are expensive! Heck, building the website that you are on right now was very expensive! CloudMedia has taken hours of time to build this website and as a business owner, time is one of the most expensive things to give away. But the reason we have taken the time to build this website is because know we will benefit from it in the long run. Most websites do not get results on day one. But they almost always get results in time, whether that be one month or one year later. However, this is an investment for CloudMedia. So we are more than willing to pay the up-front cost.

So, yes, a website is expensive.

But so are most investments. However, a lot of other investments do not guarantee that there will be a tangible ROI (return on investment). CloudMedia guarantees that over-time, a website WILL have a tangible ROI. This is simply because having a website does not hurt a business. It only helps the business, especially when a professional agency is managing it.

Benefits Of A Website

Benefits Of Having A Website

So, now that we have gotten past a couple objections and overcame them, let’s get right into the benefits of having a website for your small business in 2019.

Marketing: Automated

This is a pretty bold statement. All marketing requires some sort of supervision. But a website really can help automate the process. As you keep reading below, you will notice that a lot of our points will all redirect back to this one. A website is always available for a customer to visit at anytime. For example, let’s say your small business is open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. In order to have a customer purchase from you, they would need to stop in your store while you are open.

However, if you have a website, someone could purchase a product from you outside of your regular business hours. Not only does this require nothing on the small business owner’s part, it also improves the experience a customer has with a business. All someone has to do is visit a website, choose a product, and buy it. Both the small business and the customer benefits from how easy this whole process is.

Another Point Of Sale

Having a website for your small business offers another point of sale for your business. Let’s say your business sells homemade candy. You could have an eCommerce website setup with all of your candy products setup. Then, you could run Facebook and/or Google Ads that promotes your products online. When a visitor reaches one of the product pages, they can directly purchase them from the website.

And all of this can happen while you are sleeping in your bed. Pretty cool, right?

An Informational Brochure

During the 90s when the internet was just getting started, this was the sole purpose of a website. It was a platform for scientists to share research in an easy way where any other scientist could find research that has already been done by someone else.

Fast-forward to 2019, this same foundation still exists. We are quite positive that there are questions that your business gets asked frequently by customers. Maybe it is the cost of your products, the quality of your products, or anything and everything else. If you can put these commonly-asked questions on your websites, you will not only provide an easy-to-access platform where potential customers can answer any questions they have, but you will also save yourself some time, which can be used to grow your business even further.

A Place To Give Updates

A website is another place where you can easily give updates to your loyal customers. Similarly to the blog that you are reading on CloudMedia’s website, you could write weekly updates that gives discounts, new product reminders, or anything else to your customers. It is always important to interact and communicate with your paying customers and a website is one place that can help you do so.

And So Much More

There are a lot more things that a website does for your business. For example, when someone searches for your small business on Google, you are much more likely to show up when you have a website that has good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A website also offers many more paths for digital marketing. You can run ad campaigns on Google and track who visited and purchased items on your website from the ad.

Not having a website for you small business in 2019 is only going to cripple it. CloudMedia can help you get started at an affordable price.

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