5 Easy Tips To Increase A Website’s Conversion Rate

5 Easy Tips To Increase A Website’s Conversion Rate

It’s All About Conversions

In the world of websites and digital marketing, conversions mean everything. Even though having a website is required for all businesses nowadays, it doesn’t automatically mean that your website will get a ton of customers right off the bat. Here is a crappy little analogy we just came up with. “To increase a website’s conversion rate is to water a flower in the spring to promise future prosperity.” Not a very good analogy, but it gets our point across about the importance of this stuff.

With that being said, there are a lot of different ways to “increase conversions” on a website. Heck, that sentence alone could mean 20 different things. Do you want more people to fill out a form? Do you want people to add things to a wish list? To a shopping cart? No matter the goal though, optimizing a website for conversions is very important for your business.

Today, we are going to list 5 easy tips to increase a website’s conversion rate.

Wait. What Is A “Conversion?”

Great question! As taken directly from Nielsen Norman Group,

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action. The archetypical example of conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who buy something on the site.

Nielsen Norman Group

As you see, the conversion rate on a website is the percentage of users who take a desired action. This “action” can be what ever you would like it to be. Generally, when someone is talking about a website’s conversion rate, they are talking about the rate at which customers purchase something. This can be measured in eCommerce cart checkouts, PDF downloads, form submissions, or anything and everything in between.

Okay. Why Do I Care About This “Conversion Rate?”

Do you like paying customers? So we do. If you enjoy having paying customers, then you better start enjoying a high conversion rate.

See, without any measure of a website’s conversion rate, you pretty much have no idea how many people are actually buying stuff from your business. If you have no clue how many people are purchasing stuff, then we can safely assume that you also don’t know who is purchasing your stuff.

When you take the time to actually measure your website’s conversion rate, it becomes much easier to optimize your website to get more sales.

And honestly. Who doesn’t like more sales?

Cool, But How Do I Actually Increase My Website’s Conversion Rate?

Perfect question! We have been waiting to get here. There are many different methods you can use to increase a website’s conversion rate. Many of these methods involve long research, a lot of time, and skilled developers. Therefore, we are going to list 5 easy tips that don’t require research or a developers, but they still require a little bit of time.

1. Give A Real Reason To Take Action

In order to increase a website’s conversion rate in the first place, there must be a reason for someone to an action. If there is no reason, how in the world are you ever going to get more action taken?

A reason to take an action should be something valuable. Maybe you create custom wallets that are much better quality than anything found in a local retail store. That is a reason. Maybe you have a startup that allows people to easily rent office furniture in 10 minutes. That is a reason.

Hopefully you see what we are getting at here. You must offer something that people actually want. It is not as simple as waking up and saying, “Today, I am going to sell $10,000 furniture from my website!” We don’t care what you saw on YouTube, that just isn’t how it works. The foundation of your website (and business for that matter) is having a quality product that people actually need.

Business always has been and will be about solving people’s problems. What you offer on a website is no different.

2. Offer Free, Valuable Content

It is safe to assume that everyone loves free stuff. CloudMedia sure does at least. And so do all of the visitors on your website. If you create free, quality content that helps your target demographic solve their problem, they are much more likely to take action on your website.

An example of this is exactly what we are doing here. Start a blog. We are a digital marketing agency that solves the problem of business owners not knowing how to correctly market their business online. Our free, valuable content is everything on this blog. If we keep consistently writing blog posts every single week, it is a safe bet that someone could read every single blog post and be close to knowing how to market their business online.

But most people won’t do that.

Instead, they will read one or two blogs posts, try to do it themselves, fail, and then come back to us. This is probably not something most agencies would actually say on their blog, but we are all about honestly.

This applies to your business as well. You could create an eBook, video, blog, newsletter, coupon, or whatever, offer it for free, and watch as people grab it up. When they grab it up, they are sub-conscientiously realizing that your business has authority over what you are talking about. When they are ready to make a purchase, your brand is much more likely to come to mind after you offered something for free, vs. just throwing some random ad in their face on Google or something else that doesn’t add real value.

3. Have An Appealing Design

We wish this one didn’t have to be here, but it does. Please, just have a nice design for your website! It is cool that you have had a domain since 1996, but it isn’t cool that it hasn’t been updated since then. There is nothing more frustrating to a user than wanting to purchase something but not knowing how due to poor design.

On top of that, Google likes websites that are well-designed. If your website gets updated consistently and has an easy-to-follow design, Google will take note over time. Once Google starts taking notes, people will be able to find you much easier.

4. Show Testimonials

This might seem like a random one, but it is very important. Showing testimonials can drastically help increase a website’s conversion rate. This is because of something called social proof. Even if we don’t want to admit it, a lot of us will take action because of what others have to say.

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant because your friend said it was amazing? Social proof. Have you ever refused to go to a store without doing an ounce of research because a family member swore up and down that customer service was awful? Social proof.

When you show social proof on your website, people instantly see that you have credibility. Once your brand starts to build up more and more credibility, it will be easier to get conversions.

5. Be Human

We bet you weren’t expecting this one. It is probably something you’ve heard before, but wow is it important. Especially in an age where almost everything is going more and more digital, having a website that treats the user as a human being can be highly effective.

Writing in second person, creating videos that show the actual owner, having a phone number that directly goes to a human being are all examples of “being human.” There is just something off about talking to a robot for a lot of people. If you can add a couple touches to your website that makes your brand seen as a business operated by real humans, it can go a long way.

This isn’t always necessarily hard to do either. When you collect someone’s email through a popup, send them a personal email from the owner. When someone purchases an item from your eCommerce shop, give them a call and say thanks. Small little things like this can do amazing things for your brand’s reputation.

What a conversion always comes down to is reputation. If you can get your business seen by a lot of people who trust you, it will not be hard at all to get sales. Just look at Target or Wal-Mart. They could probably shut down for a whole week and still get millions of dollars in sales through their website because people know and trust them so well. That is the ultimate goal for not only your website, but your business as a whole. Being human takes you one step closer to achieving that goal.

Bonus: Install Google Analytics

This blog post has kind of been all over the place, and this bonus tip is no exception! But seriously, install Google Analytics on your website. All of the major website creators out there allow you to install it.

With Google Analytics, you can actually track who your audience is, what they are doing, how long they are staying, and SO much more. This is an essential on-going step to increase a website’s conversion rate.

The more data you have, the more you can optimize. The better you can optimize, the more conversions you will have.

So please, install Google Analytics.


Even though this post was pretty short, we hope it helped someone out. It is very hard to give exact step-by-step instructions on how to improve a website’s conversion rate; there are just too many variables to every business and website.

However, these 5 tips apply to every single website we have worked on. Yes, there are some specific things that can and should be done to correctly “implement” these strategies, but they are some of the best working tips to optimize a website for conversions.

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable doing anything here, feel free to reach out to CloudMedia! We’d love to give your free tips on how to do it yourself!

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